Visit Vans workforce transportation solutions gives smart Lehigh Valley employer's advantages over the outdated public infrastructure and competing employers all looking to attract and retain a quality workforce. One major BENEFIT is the opportunity to take advantage of IRS payroll tax breaks.

Public transportation is lacking in some areas in the Lehigh Valley. Industrial Parks and businesses off of the main bus routes suffer the most. These companies can be negatively affected when their employees lack reliable transportation. Challenges in employee hiring, retention, and loss of productivity can be the result. As business owners we know hiring and training employees is expensive. Do not lose your employees and your investment due to a lack of reliable transportation.

Visit Vans provides on and off- hour (1st, 2nd and 3rd shift) as well as off-route direct transportation for companies looking for a cost effective, reliable way to get their employees to and from work. Our services could be as simple as a pickup and/or drop off for a single shift or as complex as round-trip transport for each production shift. Not only are our services built and customized around your company's specific needs, but there are numerous money saving and strategic tax benefits to providing employee transportation benefits.

Let Visit Vans be your workforce transportation solution.

Visit Vans can help your organization in a number of ways

  • Customizable route planning and scheduling
  • A dedicated vehicle (depending on the volume of employees to be transported)
  • Daily, weekly, and weekend service options available
  • Affordable pricing

Visit Vans also has several customizable compensation options available including:

  • Company contract
  • Hybrid option-Company contract and employee pay per ride
  • Employee pay per ride

Our company has options for companies of all sizes. Transportation can be a deciding factor in gaining or losing quality employees.

Let Visit Vans be your workforce transportation solution.

About Us

Visit Vans Transportation is a Pennsylvania State (PUC) and Federally (FMCSA) licensed company. The company is located in Allentown Pennsylvania and holds several small business certifications; including HUBZone, Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB), and Pennsylvania Small Disadvantaged Business certifications. The company began in 2012 and has served some of the Lehigh Valleys biggest employers transporting thousands of employees a year. The company offers additional services including shuttle and charter.

Visit Vans has undeniable experience in scheduling, logistics, and transporting employees in the Lehigh Valley. Our company has a distinct advantage over public transportation. We have customizable options and the agility needed to make changes when necessary.

Reliable transportation can be key to gaining and retaining a quality workforce, let us create a winning transportation solution for your company.

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